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Swann Outdoor Home Security Camera Review - Everything You Need To Know Before Buying - PRO-1080MSFB

Having trouble deciding on which outdoor home security you should buy?

You may have stumbled upon the Swann PRO-1080MSFB camera, but you still have doubts on whether it's the right fit for your needs...

Then look no further because in this short article you'll be provided with everything you need to know about the Swann cam, good and bad, NO FILTERS!

Quick Overview


  • Home owners who want to add an extra security layer outdoors.

  • Business owners looking for a sophisticated and reliable motion detection.


  1. High Quality 1080p (2MP) Video.

  2. Can be used wired and wireless.

  3. Great motion sensor with spotlight.

  4. Infrared Night Vision.

  5. Thermal Heat Sensing.

  6. Easy To Install.

  7. Weatherproof - For Indoor and Outdoor Use.

  8. Works With Google Assistant.


  1. No Audio Features.

  2. Motion Alerts Only.

  3. Does not work with Alexa.



Score Breakdown


The Swann camera is equipped with a Full HD (1080p) video and image resolution.

It cones with a super wide 90 degree field of view allowing you to cover broad areas.

It's also packed with the Swann’s True Detect™ heat & motion-sensing technology, which turns on the sensor light and captures immediately the activity.

This technology knows how to differentiate between true and false triggers. Once the sensor is triggered, it will send your a push notification directly to your phone.

Along with all that, it also comes with an Infrared Night Vision, letting you see in black & white up to 100ft/30m, and a Sensor Warning Light, allowing you to see color at night up to 32ft/10m via the app.


Pretty simple if you are a DIY handyman person. Everything you need is in the pack, including a 60ft (18m) cable, some screws and wall plugs, a power adapter with a splitter and security stickers. You can easily mounts to walls or ceilings. Once you place your cables and hook everything up, all that's left is to turn it up and follow short setup wizard.

If you already own a Swann security camera of the following series:

DVR-4580V, DVR-4480V, DVR-4980 & DVR-5580

Than you can easily add or replace an existing cam with this one.

On the flipside, If you already own a different set of security cameras, and you want to add this one with the existing wiring than you come up with some trouble and it may likely not work.


Unlike other cameras, in the Swann cam you only get push notifications when a motion detection is triggered, on the other hand, this is one of the few cams which include a spotlight and heat sensing.

Another major benefit of this camera is it's weather withstanding ability, allowing you to place it in almost any condition, from the coldest to the warmest country areas.

I mean, what's the use of an outdoor camera if you can't place it where it should be. Thankfully, this one is a keeper.

One of my favorite things is that just by having the camera placed outside and running 24/7 it automatically reduces the amount of people trying to get my packages.


A great value for your money. When it comes to outdoor security cameras it's really hard to find a reliable high quality camera in a sane price. Most of the ones out there are overpriced and tend to break faster than the "normal" camera's lifespan. This camera is surprisingly very resilient to weather and best of all is priced below 60$ on Amazon.


  • The Swann security camera is a very quality camera, both in image resolution and in it's heat and motion sensing features.

  • It's not as easy to install as some people may say, though you'd probably love it if you are a DIY kind of person.

  • The camera is very climate resilient, which is important in choosing the best outdoor security camera.

  • This cam is not the cheapest cam, but also not the most expensive and in the end it gives you a great value for your money.

  • It's mostly recommended for current Swann owners or new beginners who'd like to add an extra trustworthy security layer for their outdoors.

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Do you own a Swann security camera?


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