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Wyze Indoor Home Security WiFi Camera Review

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

When looking for a high quality indoor home security camera for a sane price, we often stumble upon this Wyze wifi camera, which has become a best seller on amazon, but is it really the best fit for us?

Quick Overview


  • Parents who want to monitor their kids.

  • Pet owner who want to keep watch while they’re away from home.

  • Homeowners who want to add an extra security layer against the common criminals and burglars.

  • Everyone else who wants to have more control in their lives and ease of mind in a matter of a click.


  1. High Quality 1080p Image & Video.

  2. Motion and sound detection.

  3. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm detection

  4. 14 Day Cloud Storage.

  5. Decent Night Vision.

  6. Two-way audio

  7. Affordable.

  8. Easy to set up and use.

  9. Works/Integration with Alexa, IFTTT & Google Assistant.


  1. For Indoor Use Only.

  2. Doesn't Work With 5G.



Score Breakdown


The first and most important feature in any indoor security camera is the capture quality. You want to be able to see a very clear shot, thankfully this camera comes with a 1080p Full HD Video, Image & livestream resolution and a 8X digital zoom, allowing you to zoom in without loosing much quality, which is very good.

It also has a 110º wide angle lens giving you a wider view of the area, meaning more elements can be fitted into the background.

Surprisingly enough, the Wyze cam comes also with a decent Night Vision, using infrared technology, which is great, because it will not alert intruders about the camera.

Another thing to take into attention when choosing a security cam is the life span

- how long does it lasts? For what it seems, you can get it running easily for more than a couple years without any maintenance issues.


Very easy to set up and use within a couple minutes.

It come with a magnetic base and a magnet with a sticky end that can be placed on almost any surface. It's small size (2.2 x 2 x 2 inches) and a flexibility with the 3-axis design, allowing it to go anywhere you need.

The App is very intuitive though you might need to play with it a bit in order to enjoy it’s full capabilities (such as: enabling sound detection, integration with Alexa, IFTTT or Google Assistant…)


When it comes to assessing it in action the Wyze cam is performing consistently well with little to no problems. The motion and sound detection features are reliable, though for every motion it senses, it captures a 12 second video, but then it waits 5 minutes before it will make another recording, which is fine if you're installing it to watch over your kids and pets and don't really need a record of what's going on every single second, but it might not be enough if you it otherwise.

The solution for that is to enable the record continuously feature which is only available if you're using a MicroSD card with the camera - which is sold separately.

You can get the Wyze cam and it's suitable Class 10 Micro SD card here on Amazon.

Once the motion detection is triggered , it will instantly send you a push notification

face, motion or sound recognition is triggered, it will instantly send you a push notification directly to your phone. so you wont be caught at a surprise.

And with the use of the 2-WAY audio, you will be able to talk and listen through your Wyze Cam.


When it comes to cost for value you really can’t beat this price!

Most high definition security cameras with these specs are generally ranging from 100$-200$ and are much complicated to use, while you can easily get this cam for less than 30$ on Amazon and get up and running easily within minutes.

There’s a reason why it’s a best seller on Amazon with more than 90,000 positive reviews! This really is a steal of a deal, where you get a lot more than what you paid for. It's high quality, east to set up and use, reliable and affordable. You will be satisfied.

This camera could be the perfect solution for your needs or an excellent gift for your loved once.


Are Wyze Cameras Good?

Yes, the Wzye cameras are great! They are reliable, very easy to set up and use and lasts for several years. A still of a deal for your money!

Do I need to keep my Wyze camera plugged in?

Yes, it must be powered in order to be used.

Can Wyze record without wifi?

Yes, as long as it is supported with an external Class 10 Micro SD card, just plug it into the camera and you're good to go.

How long a 32GB Micro SD card record?

Depending on the quality of the recorded video, but for a HD 1080p it can record about 40 hours non-stop. If you are setting you device to record at a lower resolution, like 720p, then the Micro SD card would hold more recording hours.

Is there a monthly fee for Wyze cam?

No, unless you want to upgrade to their monthly 1.99$ per camera fee for more cloud storage, which allows you to store the entire duration of the motion event, instead of the 12-second clips with 5 minute break in between motion and only storage it on the cloud for 14 days. Another benefit of the subscription is to fast forward events 2x and 4x faster which is not included in the basic plan.

Can Wyze cameras be hacked?

Yes, like any other wifi camera. As long as it is connected to the internet there is a chance that someone may try to take over it. A good indication that you have been hacked is if you notice that your cameras start moving on their own for no reason, in this case you should probably change the passwords or reset the devices.

If you want to be on the safe-side, you can use the Wyze cam offline as long as it is connected to a power plug and has a MicroSD card to storage the recordings.